Top 5 Reasons you need to dry-clean your winter clothes


Soon you will need to trade out those winter sweaters, coats, and snow boots for some bikinis and swim trunks. It’s important to refresh your wardrobe according to season and stay organized all year long. sons is a simple way to help keep your closet organized all year long.

Taking clothes out of the closet and packing them away can maximize your closet space and get you in the mood for the new season.

But you can’t just throw your favorite fall sweater into a storage container and shove it under the bed while it’s holding dirt, grime, and bacteria from all the fall and winter fun.  Dry cleaning your winter jackets, coats, and snow boots before putting them into storage is an essential step if you want to ensure your clothes look great and are ready to wear once the weather cools down again.

Here are five reasons to bring your winter clothes to the dry cleaners in Miami, FL before putting them in storage. La Mar 1 Hour Dry Cleaners has dealt with all different types of winter coats, boots, scarves, comforters, and all clothing. We are the best dry cleaning service in South Florida, and here are a few reasons why you should go with us to clean your winter clothes. Yes, Miami, FL is known for its sunny climate but if you traveled to a cold destination this year, your winter clothes are asking to be refreshed for storage!

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#1 No stains

Most people understand they need to wash their clothing before packing it away. Let an expert do the hard work for you and ensure your garments come back looking brand new. A simple wash in the washing machine can’t help you avoid discoloration during the months of disuse. Tiny particles clinging onto your clothes can quickly turn into a large, problematic stain if left unattended in a box for more than six months. Having them dry cleaned by a professional is the only way to avoid this problem and prevent any new stains from forming.


#2 Fresh Scent

It’s an unpleasant surprise to open up a box of stored winter clothes just to be greeted by the musty scent of disuse. You’re then tasked with washing everything before you even get the chance to wear it, just to remove that smell. Luckily, a dry cleaner knows the best ways to prevent the smell. Instead of being greeted with that “old clothes smell,” your clothes will smell fresh and be ready to wear with the help of La Mar 1 Hour Dry Cleaners in Miami, FL.


#3 Fix and Repair your clothes

Imagine opening the storage container next winter in search of your favorite ugly Christmas sweater for the holiday party. You pull it out, only to find that there’s a big hole in the middle! Sure, you told yourself you would have it repaired later, but you never got around to it. This scenario could have easily been avoided if you had dropped it off at the dry cleaner before packing it up. La Mar 1 Hour dry cleaners can make any necessary repairs quickly so the garment will be ready to go when you need it.


#4 Bug Control

Did you know packed clothes are the perfect destination for bugs? Storing your winter clothes without being cleaned can provide your neighborhood bugs with a perfectly warm, breeding ground for bug larvae. Having professional dry cleaners in Miami, FL perform a final cleaning prior to storage will practically eliminate the likelihood of this happening, as the clothes will remain fresh and bugs won’t be as easily attracted to them.

#5 No Shrinkage

Traditional water washing can cause shrinkage and other issues with wool and other delicate winter garments.  We ensure there will be no damage to any aspect of your winter clothing, and being in business for 59 years, we have a lot of experience with these winter items. Our team of professionals has dealt with delicate family heirlooms, all types of fabric, and numerous different types of clothing. Our dry cleaning process is safe for almost all fabrics, and we never clean your garments with corrosive chemicals.

Do yourself a favor by taking care of your clothes before storing them. Call La Mar 1 Hour Dry Cleaners in Miami, FL today to learn more about how we can help keep your clothes looking their best all year long. We do eco-friendly dry cleaning, organic wash and fold, the best laundry service and pickup and delivery. Don't just go to your nearest dry cleaners, go to the experts who get the job done RIGHT!