5 ways to recycle your wire hangers

5 ways to recycle your wire hangers


Don’t know what to do with those wire hangers that come with your freshly dry cleaned clothes? Don’t just throw them out, there are so many ways to make these hangers useful so they can be recycled in an exciting way! You can use wire hangers to organize, display, and decorate around your home. Of course, you can always bring them into La Mar 1 Hour Dry Cleaners and we’ll go ahead and properly recycle them for you! We are all about saving our planet, and recycling our hangers!


  • Calendar/Magazine Display
    This one is pretty simple and fun! Just hang the hanger on the wall with a thumbtack or nail. Then, place a magazine to organize or display by opening it up and placing the inside fold along the horizontal wire of your hanger. You can also follow the same steps with a calendar by folding the top part over the back of the hanger and displaying the current month facing out. If you really want to make the hanger blend in with your decor, you can spray paint it (metallic, gold, black) or you can wrap yarn around it!
  • Welcome (or Unwelcome) Sign
    This one is also super simple and fun. Create a “Welcome”, “Happy Valentine’s Day”, or “Do not disturb” sign with paper. Tape or fold it over the horizontal wire of the hanger. You can also spray paint it (metallic, gold, black) or you can wrap yarn around it as well if you want to get more festive for a certain holiday or decor.
  • Scarf Organizer
    Save money on organizers and use your wire hanger! Loop your scarves, ties or belts over the hanger and hang it up in your closet. This way, you’re taking up less room with these items and they’re easy to find when you need them.
  • Clean Out The Drain
    This one is not very pretty but it is very handy. If you notice your shower or sink drain isn’t draining like it should be, create a small hook with the wire and then stick it down in the drain. Drag out everything clogging the drain and throw it away.
  • Nonslip Hanger
    Yes, this typically is reusing the hanger as a hanger, but it saves you money and it’s useful! If your biggest annoyance with wire hangers is that clothes slip right off and/or don’t keep their shape, we’ve got the solution. Wrap cotton yarn around the top side of the hanger. Loop it tightly from end to end and then clothes will cling to the cotton rather than sliding off. This could save you money, too because you won’t have to go buy velvet or nonslip hangers as often.

Those are some fun ways you can recycle those pesky wire hangers from your dry cleaning! Reuse them around your home each time you get a new one from a dry cleaner near you. It’s better for you, the planet, and your wallet.


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