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Same Day Service:
You forgot. Yes, you forgot about the wedding, the business meeting, the special night out, and you’re in a jam. No worries here at La Mar Dry Cleaners, just bring your order in by 11:00 a.m., and have it back by 4PM! »Back to top

There’s drycleaning, and then there’s La Mar drycleaning. What makes us different than all the other Dry Cleaners is our years of experience, the equipment, knowledge, and expertise to get those difficult stains out, and have your clothes looking like new! »Back to top

Business Shirts Hand-finished:
We know what South Florida’s heat and humidity can do to your business shirts, so at La Mar Dry Cleaners, every shirt collar and cuff is scrubbed with our own proprietary formula before it’s washed, so they come out clean and fresh. After your shirt is pressed on our state-of-the-art finishing system, we inspect every one, and hand-finish where necessary. Because many manufacturers try to save costs by using inferior quality buttons, we check every button and replace with a super durable button that will outlast the life or your shirt. »Back to top

Jeans Laundered and Starched:
Do you like your jeans with heavy starch? You can have that at La Mar Dry Cleaners. »Back to top

Too tight? Too big? Too short? Too long? We can take care of it all with our in house full alteration services. From suit coats to formal gowns, any and all alterations are professionally done, for that custom fit. Bring in your clothes for alterations and tell us what you need, or try it on here and let our seamstress fit you at no extra charge. Minor or major repairs, zippers replaced, we do it all. »Back to top

Wedding Gowns Restored:
Your wedding day is one of the most special days in your life, and your wedding gown is something that you will always cherish. Have it professionally drycleaned and preserved by someone with the expertise to do it right, La Mar Dry Cleaners. It can not be overstressed the importance of getting your wedding gown cleaned within the first few weeks. Remember the champagne that was spilled or the cake that dropped on it? Those stains may be invisible now, but they are there and will turn yellow in a few months, making them much more difficult to get out. All gowns are pre-spotted, and hems treated before being cleaned. Preserve your gown in our 100% acid free storage box that keeps the proper Ph balance and keeps your gown like new for generations, don’t be fooled by imitations. »Back to top

Fire Restoration Services:
If you’ve had a fire, you know what a mess it is, and how the smoke gets into everything. Even a small kitchen fire, can impregnate your clothes with the odor. Here at La Mar 1 Hour Dry Cleaners we handle your fire restoration needs, with our special Ozone treatment, to remove every bit of smoke odor from your clothes, drapes, and other household items. »Back to top

Leather & Suede:
Make sure you give your special leather or suede garments the care they deserve. Many cleaners say they clean leather & suede, but we do it right. »Back to top

Comforters & Sleeping Bags:
Don’t try to stuff your comforter or sleeping bag in your washer and ruin it. We have the know-how and equipment to have it come out right! »Back to top

We can clean your drapes and put the decorator fold back in with our pleating machine. »Back to top

Shoes Polished:
Why buy new shoes, when we can make them look like new? Polished and deodorized, and ready to wear. »Back to top

Sneakers Cleaned:
You spend a lot of money on sneakers, yet after a few weeks of wear, they start looking rough. We can make them look just like new with our sneaker cleaning service. Try it out … you’ll be amazed! »Back to top

American Flags Cleaned FREE:
Just our way of saying that we love our country and want "Old Glory" looking good when she flies. »Back to top